Hellidays - When Bad Holidays Happen To Good People

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A women I work with was at a raucous St. Patty’s Party downtown Chicago in the late 90s. She was doing shots, and dirty dancing with this guy from Ireland, whom she ended up taking back to her place. The two of them rock & rolled all night, and the next morning, as he slept it all off, she went to the corner to get them a Starbucks and a paper.

She came back about 30 minutes later to find her front door open, the water in her bathroom running, and the guy gone from where he had slept just 30 mins earlier.

Seems the robust Irish lad had a terrible case of explosive diarrhea in her bed, shooting a trail of thick-like-a-fine-stew saffron-colored poop over her comforter and sheets, and onto the wall about four feet away...he had then,... read more
Posted on 03/11/2010 at 02:57PM by Anonymous
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Though I'm not Irish, I once was asked to participate in the big St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago, representing the car dealership I worked at. Several of us were to walk alongside a green convertible with our dealer logo on it. So, we started out and about 15 minutes into the parade, the three of us on one side of the car simultaneously slipped and fell onto the pavement. I broke my arm. Another guy busted his tooth. The reason? A giant pool of vomit from drunken spectators. Gross.
Posted on 03/04/2010 at 01:16PM by Anonymous
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